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What I Learned Writing Fanfiction

It's not unheard-of for authors to get their start writing fanfiction. Even if it's a seven-year-old's My Little Pony original character going on adventures with Spider-man, fanfiction can be a very accessible entry point for writing. The side characters and setting are already created, all you need to do is provide a plot and maybe… Continue reading What I Learned Writing Fanfiction

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The Problem with Nice

Today we're going to talk about another frequent writing issue, usually appearing in early drafts. I think it's more common in newer writers, but it's easy for this problem to sneak up on even experienced writers. So what's the problem? Everyone is too nice. In the story, I mean. Secondary characters provide unflinching moral support… Continue reading The Problem with Nice

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My Writing and Revision Process

Revision. Some writers love it, some hate it. I fall into the first camp. Give me a rough manuscript over a blank page any day. But I have a very visual brain and I tend to get overwhelmed by large tasks pretty easily, so my setup is mostly designed to break everything down into bite-sized… Continue reading My Writing and Revision Process