Find Your Squad: How Support Makes All The Difference

Writing is, at its core, a solitary pursuit. When asked to envision a writer, you probably picture someone sitting alone at a laptop (or even a typewriter), spilling their story onto the page. [gif: Kermit the Frog typing on a typewriter] When I first started writing seriously as an adult, I worked alone for years, …

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Music Monday: Faerie Masquerade

Who doesn't love a good masquerade scene in a fantasy novel? Intrigue, deception, romance... and music. [gif: David Bowie in the film "Labyrinth" removing a goblin mask] If you're writing a masked ball scene and need a little musical inspiration, try this instrumental playlist full of lilting waltzes, haunting violin covers, and ethereal piano.

Self-Pub Research Checklist: Compensation & Pricing

Ok, *cracks knuckles*, let's do this. Here's where things are going to enter a territory that intimidates a lot of writers... math. Buckle up, because this is going to be a long one. In this final part of my series on distilling self-pub research, we're going to talk all about money. How to price your …

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