Books by Avery Ames

The Faerie Concerto

For lovers of fantasy romance and unsettling, seductive fae.

Content warnings here.

Book 1: Cambiare

Everyone knows the fae are dangerous. Beautiful, capricious creatures, they are as enticing as they are forbidden.

When Princess Cirelle’s brother falls deathly ill, there’s only one sure way to save him: a secret bargain with one of the fae folk. The cost? A year of servitude in the mystical faerie realm. But Cirelle’s new fae master, Ellian, holds secrets even deadlier than his charming smile.

Caught in the glittering and blood-soaked world of the fae, the hedonistic Unseelie Court kindles something new—something dark and delicious—within Cirelle, even as it twists Ellian ever more inhuman. Can Cirelle unravel Ellian’s mysteries and survive long enough to return home before she succumbs to the decadent depravity of the fae?

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Book 2: Serenade

Cirelle has survived her first encounter with the cruelty of the fae, including the machinations of her charming sidhe host Ellian. Unable to forgive him for his past lies, the flames that once flickered between Cirelle and Ellian have gone cold. However, the vicious fae prince Adaleth still seeks to close the gates between their worlds, and Cirelle must work alongside Ellian to stop him.

Worse, Cirelle accidentally claimed a pair of cursed knives that now speak to her in dreams, in whispers of violence and blood. They tell her secrets, things only the shadows see. But she’s not the only one who wants the blades, and some are willing to go to any length–even murder–to take them.

Cirelle uses the knives and their forbidden knowledge in the quest to stop Adaleth, making risky bargains and delving further into the danger of the faerie realm. But the arrival of an old friend from her former life, an obnoxious newcomer in Ellian’s home, and Cirelle’s confusing relationship with Ellian will lead her into a reckless pact with a manipulative faerie that may leave scars on her soul forever.

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