11 Great Writing Podcasts

I’m a wee bit of a podcast addict. And my particular brand of ‘cast is most often writing-focused. So without further ado and in no particular order, here are the podcasts I listen to most:

Print Run

Agents Laura Zats and Erik Hane discuss current events in publishing, writing tips, and a whole array of other writing-related topics. In particular, their “To Loon It May Concern” advice-column segment is especially juicy and entertaining.

Bonus: Check out their Patreon special content for query/first-page critiques and other goodies!

Writescast Network

The brainchild of author R.R. Campbell, this podcast collective compiles several different series of ‘casts. A personal fave is Novel Approaches, a community-based discussion on a different craft topic each month. Other series include Biblio Breakdown, an in-depth analysis of a published work, and the regular Writescast, which interviews authors on various aspects of writing and publishing.

No Write Way

This one doesn’t have a central webpage that I could locate, but episodes broadcast as Instagram Live interviews in their premiere versions. Archived versions can be found as videos on YouTube, or as a podcast on Stitcher and iTunes.

Author Victoria (V.E.) Schwab interviews other authors, with a special focus on highlighting their various processes and techniques.

Ditch Diggers

A podcast focused on the business side of being a professional writer, hosted by authors Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace. Interviews with agents, authors, and responses to questions submitted by listeners. It covers topics like networking, handling deadlines, and navigating failures in publishing.

Shipping and Handling

Agents Jennifer Udden and Bridget Smith discuss a wide range of topics in publishing from an agent’s perspective, as well as answering listener questions. A bit boozy and off-the-cuff, it’s a frank look at the industry and craft from an agent’s point of view.

But Is It Write?

Writers Maggie Derrick and Candice Lee discuss well-known adages such as “show don’t tell” and other common writing advice with the key question: Is it right?

88 Cups of Tea

An inspirational, upbeat podcast that interviews published writers about their path to publication and how they fell in love with writing, as well as providing optimism for aspiring writers at every stage of their journey.

Manuscript Academy

Hosted by author Julie Kingsley and agent Jessica Sinsheimer, this podcast covers various topics in publishing, from querying to first pages to general craft advice. A personal fave is the TenQueries series, in which agents quickly and anonymously go through ten queries in their inbox to explain the most common reasons for requests or rejections.

Writing Excuses

Bite-sized discussions on craft and publishing advice from several career authors, including Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, and Howard Tayler, along with a rotating cast of guests. Divided into seasons with a craft-based theme per season, it’s a nice quick-fix for writing advice.

Write or Die

This interview series hosted by authors Claribel Ortega and Kat Cho includes conversations with various authors about their publication journey, upcoming books, and various craft-based topics. It also features insights about the publication process from both Kat and Claribel.

Mythcreant Podcast

Each episode of this podcast tackles a trope or writing technique and breaks it down by using real-world examples from various media. It does include a mix of writing-craft episodes and ones that highlight tabletop gaming or review books/shows/movies, if those topics also interest you.

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