Trad-pub vs Self-pub: Pros, Cons, and Why Not Both?

It's the eternal battlefield in writing. Indie publishing versus traditional publishing. So which path is best for you and your book? And can you have the best of both worlds? First off, we'll compare the short-and-sweet primary pros/cons of each, then go into a bit more detail. Self-publishing Pros: Independence and full creative control Higher … Continue reading Trad-pub vs Self-pub: Pros, Cons, and Why Not Both?

Self-Pub Research Checklist: Distribution

In my blog series condensing the various research I've done on my self-publishing journey, today's topic might be the trickiest... Distribution. What do you mean by distribution? Essentially, distribution is the path you want to take to get your books in the hands of readers. You can print your books via an on-demand printing service … Continue reading Self-Pub Research Checklist: Distribution

Self-Pub Research Checklist: ISBNs

Self-publication is hard. Really hard. There are so many variables, and the beleaguered author is a one-person-army trying to tackle them all. Especially when you're just getting started, it can be pretty overwhelming. Well the cavalry is here! In this multi-part series, I'll tackle the topics I had to research while prepping for self-publication and … Continue reading Self-Pub Research Checklist: ISBNs