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5 Quick-&-Dirty Query Tips

In the buildup to Pitch Wars submissions, a lot of queries are flying around the writing world right now. And I'll admit, I'm a bit of a query junkie. I write them for works-in-progress as practice. I've read the entire QueryShark archive and listened to every Print Run query episode. I spent hours in the… Continue reading 5 Quick-&-Dirty Query Tips

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The “How I Got My Agent” Post

The short version: good, old-fashioned querying. The long version? Well, that's a little more detailed. First we have to go back a little. The book that my agent signed was the second I queried (though far from the second I completed). I'd previously queried another novel, though not very widely. When I queried my first… Continue reading The “How I Got My Agent” Post


Trad-pub vs Self-pub: Pros, Cons, and Why Not Both?

It's the eternal battlefield in writing. Indie publishing versus traditional publishing. So which path is best for you and your book? And can you have the best of both worlds? First off, we'll compare the short-and-sweet primary pros/cons of each, then go into a bit more detail. Self-publishing Pros: Independence and full creative control Higher… Continue reading Trad-pub vs Self-pub: Pros, Cons, and Why Not Both?


How I Wrote a One-Page Synopsis

Synopses are hard. Sometimes they feel like a punishment sent by the writing gods to torment miserable authors.I'm not talking about the "back of the book" blurb or the summary you put in a query, but instead that other beast. The dreaded "1 to 2 page synopsis" required by some agents when querying.For those who… Continue reading How I Wrote a One-Page Synopsis