Writing Fuel: My Fave Coffees

First off, a quick note that this is not a sponsored post. None of these companies know I’m actually making it, I just really love their coffee and wanted to share.

Best Flavored: Bones Coffee Company

(Mug is a custom commission from Amy Rae Hill)

I’m usually a bit dubious of flavored coffee… It can far too easily slip into cloying or candy-like. When I saw a promo code, though, I decided to give Bones Coffee a shot. It starts with a great base coffee and adds the perfect touch of flavor, noticeable but not tooth-achingly sweet. The flavors taste natural, without that chemical note I get from some cheaper flavored coffees.

Sadly, the flavor I was most intrigued by, Maple Bacon, was probably the most anticlimactic. There’s a hint of maple, but not many bacony or smoky notes. Still a nice drinkable cup, but not quite what I expected from the description.

Personal Fave: Macamaniac, Macadamia and Coconut

Smoothest Cup: Writer’s Block Coffee

Writer’s Block has maybe the smoothest, most drinkable coffee I’ve ever tried. The flavor is present and rich, but not at all bitter or acidic. I’m still getting into coffee so I’m not great at picking up some of the more subtle flavor notes listed in any roast, but this one is really solid when I want a nice black cup of coffee.

Personal Fave: The Flagship Writer’s Block Coffee, though the Whiskey Barrel Aged has a great subtle oaky note

Best Local: Local Roasters, Wichita Kansas

Local Roasters is my go-to for a great light roast. They have a handful of lovely varieties, as well as a ton of medium and dark options as well. They’ll occasionally offer limited flavored varieties, but their single-origin roasts and non-flavored blends are where they really shine. Though they’re local to me, they do ship all across the US, too.

Personal Favorite: Light Leaks, the perfect early-morning light roast blend

What’s your favorite writing fuel, coffee or otherwise? Sound off in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Writing Fuel: My Fave Coffees

  1. There’s a roaster in Chicago called Dark Matter and their Unicorn Blood espresso roast is my absolute favorite. Highly recommend.


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