New podcast: “…and it’s writing.” (And Episode 1!)

Welcome to a new podcast project with fellow writer D.C. McNaughton! Together, we’ll have a few drinks while we explore an aspect of writing craft in each episode by reviewing and revising some of our old, cringey writing. Each episode will also feature a themed beverage pairing.

For the schedule and more episodes, check out the podcast homepage here.

In our very first episode, we explore the hate against adverbs and where it comes from, when they really are detrimental, and when they should stay.

Or if you prefer audio:

Show Notes:

Episode 1 Cocktails:

Too Many Adverbs:

1.5 oz Gin
½ oz Elderflower
½ oz Lime
¾ oz Lemon
¾ oz simple syrup
Splash of seltzer

Shake all except seltzer with ice, then top with the seltzer.

Adverbs, Revised:

2.5oz gin
1.5oz lemon
1 oz honey syrup 
Top with club soda



The creature’s claws gripped my ankle tightly as I was nearly through the window. It screamed loudly as it gave my leg a violent tug. I fell back jarringly against the outside wall and my leg twisted in the ghoul’s grip. Its deadly-sharp talons tore through my trousers and the light suede boots I wore, to rip open the flesh beneath. My head hit the stone wall hard, and my vision flashed blood red and virulent green with the pain. I cried out harshly in pain and terror, scrabbling against the stone futilely. The creature’s deadly grip on my ankle and leg was the only thing holding me as I dangled precariously upside down, halfway out of the window.


The ghoul clutched my ankle, and gave my leg a violent tug as I scrambled through the window. I tumbled against the outside wall, and the talons tore through my trousers, ripping open the flesh of my twisted leg. My head struck the wall, and my vision flashed crimson. I cried out in pain, scrabbling against the stone to find purchase.

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