Indie Author Spotlight: Blair Cousins

Introduce yourself! Tell us your name and one interesting or unusual fact about you.

Hi, my name is Blair Cousins and one unusual fact about me is that I am very good at tossing trash into dumpsters. It’s weird I know, but a very useful skill in my line of work, for my day job.

Outside of writing and reading, what do you like to do with your time?

I love to listen to random videos on Youtube. I consume a lot of non-fiction, from videos about American history to videos on the history of companies. I also like to make costumes.

What is your favorite genre to write? What do you love most about it?

I love to write in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, because there’s no limit to what you can write about. Want to write a story about twerking elves having a dance off, go for it. Want to write a steam punk story about humans finding a new home, sure. Anything goes. It’s so much fun.

Tell us a little about your most recent book!

My latest book just came out on June 10th, it’s a new adult sci-fi story called The Distance Between. The story is about a young woman named Ester who aspires to join her planet’s highest military force, so she can become a hero who protects others.

Introduce us to your book’s main character. What is their biggest strength and their greatest weakness?

My main character is Ester DuTain, she’s a strong, independent, driven young woman, but sometimes her “act now, think later” way of going about things can get her into trouble. Her biggest strength is her desire to protect, she won’t think twice about standing up to a bully, but this impulse gets her into a lot of trouble too.

What type of scenes do you enjoy writing the most?

Scenes with heavy dialog. Dialog is my favorite thing to read and favorite thing to write.

Coffee or tea?

Sweet (but not too sweet) ice tea, homemade in a pot on the stove. It’s the very best.

If you could only read one book ever again (aside from religious texts), what book would it be and why?

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, it’s one of my all time favorite books and it never gets old.

Where can we find you?

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Where can we find your books?

You can find all my books on Amazon here.

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