Faerie Concerto Playlists

A selection of playlists inspired by the Faerie Concerto, including Cambiare and the upcoming second book, Serenade.

Cambiare Playlists

Cambiare Top 10
The 10 songs I listened to most for Cambiare inspiration.

Cambiare Full Soundtrack
The story of Cambiare told through song.

Cambiare Score
Instrumental music that fueled Cambiare’s writing process.

The instrumental soundtrack for the pivotal masquerade scene and surrounding scenes.
(Yep, every song mentioned in that section of the book is a real piece of music. I’ll leave it to you to sort out which is which.)

Fairytale Harp Music
For Cirelle’s compositions. Instrumental.

Cirelle’s Pop Anthems
Pop music for a fiesty, temperamental princess.

Cirelle’s Rock Mix
The princess slips her leash and finds her teeth. Mostly for the latter half of the novel.

Ellian Anthems
Songs for the sly faerie at the heart of Cirelle’s story.

There Will Be No Tenderness
A longer description would be a spoiler, but if you’ve read the book, you’ll know what this mix is for. Very much NSFW.

Serenade Playlists

Serenade Score
Instrumental music that inspired and motivated me while writing Serenade.

For the daggers that just might be more than mere knives.

Miscellaneous Fae Playlists

A selection of faerie-themed mixes that were crafted before Cambiare was fully written. These may not follow the precise plot of the series, but influenced the overall mood and style of the Faerie Concerto.

“Never make a deal with the fae. And never, ever fall in love with one.”
The playlist that started it all. I created this when Cambiare was just a kernel of an idea.

The Fae Play Dangerous Games
“Games of the heart… they can be cruel and deadly things. They ensnare you and subvert you, until the desire consumes like flames.”

Of Love and Murder
“A faerie’s affections are a twisted thing. Once a sidhe has decided they love you, there is no turning back. No escape… save one.”

Sweet Snare of the Sidhe
“You may think yourself clever, to capture a faerie. But their honeyed, poisoned words are a snare, drawing ever tighter as they bind your soul. The jaws of the trap will close around you, and you will welcome it with open arms.”

“And then there is the leanansidhe, seducer and muse of mortals. In her grasp, it’s all too easy to lose oneself, to wither and fade and perish. And you’ll do it all with a smile. Those who escape her clutches are few, and never truly recover.”

Fae: The Unseelie Court
Dark, sultry tracks, with haunting strings, minor key, or slow pulsing bass like the beat of a human heart. Promises of pleasures as irresistible as they are cruel. The glint of sharp, sharp teeth in the shadows. Wine the color of freshly-spilled blood, sweet and spicy and worth the deadly price.

Fae: The Seelie Court
Lilting celtic melodies and ethereal tracks. Otherworldly, transcendent music for a dance within a faerie ring, sunlight filtering through spring leaves. Pale pink roses with a sweet fragrance that hides the tiny thorns beneath. Gently babbling streams, icy cold and line with razor-sharp pebbles.

Faerie Woodland Revel
Songs for a moonlit dance among the trees, partnered by creatures both eerie and lovely.

The Woods are Lovely, Dark, and Deep
Songs for a mystical forest, a woodland best left untouched by human hands.