My Books

CAMBIARE (New Adult Fantasy)

Cursed with an unstable temperament, princess Cirelle’s scandalous antics are a constant source of frustration for her regal family. Her latest act of rebellion? A reckless and secret bargain with one of the fae folk that saddles her with a year of servitude in the mystical realm of Faerie.

But something sinister is brewing in her faerie master Ellian’s shadow-drenched mansion. Strange visitors arrive at all hours for clandestine meetings, and he refuses to reveal why.

As his secrets unravel, Cirelle must infiltrate a debauched fae court at Ellian’s side. Together, they wrap themselves in faerie intrigues while the hedonistic court twists Ellian ever more inhuman and a matching darkness kindles within Cirelle.

Trapped in the glittering and blood-soaked world of the fae, Cirelle must maintain her humanity and outwit a vicious fae prince’s plan, or risk remaining forever confined to the faerie realm while her world dies at his hands.