About Cambiare


New Adult Fantasy

105,000 words

Cursed with an unstable temperament and aching at the loss of her beloved girlfriend, nineteen-year-old princess Cirelle breaks and bends more rules than she’s ever followed. Her latest act of rebellion? A secret and illegal bargain with one of the fae to obtain a cure for her plague-ridden brother. In exchange, Cirelle agrees to a year of servitude in the mystical realm of Faerie.

But something sinister is brewing in her seductive faerie employer Ellian’s shadow-drenched mansion. Strange visitors arrive at all hours for clandestine meetings, and he refuses to reveal why.

When her snooping reveals Ellian’s secret, Cirelle must infiltrate the debauched royal court at Ellian’s side. Together, they wrap themselves in faerie intrigues. The hedonistic court twists Ellian ever more inhuman, and a matching darkness kindles within Cirelle.

Trapped in the glittering and blood-soaked world of the fae, Cirelle must maintain her humanity and outwit the vicious prince, or risk remaining forever confined to the faerie realm while her world dies.