Book Design Services

Free Book Design for Marginalized Authors

Beginning in March 2019, I will be offering one slot of free book design to a marginalized author per month.

NOTE: I reserve the right to deny services based on book content I find objectionable (bigotry or hate speech).

Please read this entire page before applying.


(I will not ask for proof of these. I’m operating on the honor system. Please do not abuse this service if you do not fit these criteria.)

  1. Author must be from a marginalized group (POC, LGBTQIA+, disabled or neurodivergent persons, etc.)
  2. This service is also for authors who otherwise would be unable to afford professional design services. If you are privileged enough to have the means for these services otherwise, I ask that you please leave these slots open for those who most need them.
  3. Must be self-publishing your book (on any platform)

What this service entails:

These are the items I can provide (up to all 4):

  1. eBook cover (Amazon size)
  2. Paperback cover (Amazon KDP size)
  3. Paperback cover (IngramSpark size)
  4. Interior paperback layout

NOTE: I am a print designer, and I am unable to help with eBook conversion services for your book’s interior.

What I’ll need from you:

  1. Fully completed form below.
  2. If you want an interior print layout, you must have a completed, final, proofread manuscript ready to go. After the interior layout is complete and approved, no additional changes will be made.
  3. If you want a copyright page included on your interior layout, I’ll need the completed text for your copyright page. Samples and templates are available on Reedsy here.
  4. If you would like paperback covers, I will need the blurb text for the back of the book, and any other information you would like included (author bio, photo, etc).
  5. If you would like paperback covers and you have an ISBN, I will need the ISBN number to generate and add the barcode on the back.
  6. If you are getting paperback covers but already have your interior layout, I will need to know how many pages are in your book so I can calculate spine size and give you the appropriately-sized cover.

How the process will go:

Applicants apply during the month prior to the design slot. I will select one applicant on the first of the month and all applications are cleared at that time. (So out of all the applications sent in February, I will select one on March 1st for the March slot. I will choose the April slot from all applications sent during March, and so on.)

Each book slot will be chosen based on which one I have the clearest design concept for.

If you are chosen for a slot, I will email you at the beginning of the month to open the discussion and talk about any specific ideas you have for your cover, or if you’d prefer I take the creative lead based on your book summary. We will also discuss book trim size at this time.

I will provide two to three eBook cover options for you to choose from. Covers will either be typographic or photo-based. (See portfolio below). At that point, we can make limited tweaks as needed to your chosen design, such as font choice, color adjustments, or minor layout changes. You will get up to three rounds of revision on this cover.

All images used will be Creative Commons CC0 (free for commercial use) images. This does mean the image library is somewhat limited, but I also have a lot of experience stretching those images as far as possible.

Once we settle on an eBook cover, I will either:

A) provide full-resolution files of the eBook cover if that’s the only service you require


B) Design the paperback covers to your specifications if you already have an interior layout file


C) Design the interior layout first to get the correct page count, then move on to paperback covers

Interior layouts: You will be provided one option for interior layout, with the chance to review a PDF proof and make up to three rounds of corrections. (Adjustments to headers, minor type changes, etc). Once this is approved or after three rounds–whichever comes first–this file is final and will not be subject to additional changes.

Both parties reserve the right to withdraw at any time, for any reason. If you just don’t like my work, you are free to walk away, no hard feelings. I will generally only break the agreement due to unprofessional behavior or the client demanding additional services not listed here.

Samples of my work:



Currently taking applications for March 2019. (Applications open until February 28, 2019).


Submission Form: