Serenade coming January 31st!

Wow, time flies!

Thank you to those who’ve read Cambiare, and I hope you follow Cirelle on the next step of her journey. Everything in Serenade is cranked up to 11 from the first book. Darker, more glittery, and the spice level ramps up a few notches, too.


Cirelle has survived her first encounter with the cruelty of the fae, including the machinations of her charming sidhe host Ellian. Unable to forgive him for his past lies, the flames that once flickered between Cirelle and Ellian have gone cold. However, the ruthless fae prince Adaleth still seeks to close the gates between their worlds, and Cirelle must work alongside Ellian to stop him.

Worse, Cirelle accidentally claimed a pair of cursed knives that now speak to her in dreams of violence. They tell her secrets, things only the shadows see. But she’s not the only one who wants the blades, and some are willing to go to any length–even murder–to take them.

Worse, the arrival of an old friend from her former life, a newcomer in the manor, and the confusing rekindling of her spark with Ellian will lead Cirelle into a reckless pact with a manipulative faerie that may leave scars on her soul forever.

(Content Warnings Here)

Pre-orders and links coming soon!

And keep an eye out for the conclusion of Cirelle’s story in 2024!

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