Hello again!

So I’ve been quiet over here (again)… But as I start to lean a little farther away from other social media, I intend to start updating here more often.

I’ve been pretty busy lately, even if my online presence has gone a bit dormant. As I build toward writing as a long-term career, it feels like a constant juggle of drafting, revision, analyzing feedback, revising again, then drafting something else. Projects leapfrog over each other as I let one rest to start another.

From this point forward, I’m aiming to be a little more open about this process, in case it helps other authors. I’m the metaphorical duck paddling furiously underneath the water, and I think it can be good to get a peek at that.

General News Updates:

  • The sequel to Cambiare is complete, just waiting on some final back-end stuff to schedule a release date. I promise I’ll announce a date soon!
  • I’m still pursuing a hybrid career path, keeping the Cambiare books self-published while shopping other work for traditional publication with my agent. (Look for another post soon about what it’s like to be on submission!)

I look forward to being more present here again, and if you want to hear even more of my rambling and writing-related babbles, be sure to check out the podcast I co-host with D.C. McNaughton over at anditswriting.com too!

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