Adventures in Book Swag, Part 1: Candles

The Cambiare candles that will be used as promotional material.

We all love some good book swag, right? In this three-part series, I’m going to go over some of the items I’ve created to promote Cambiare, and give you the low-down on how to get your hands on them in the upcoming months.

First up: CANDLES.

Late last year, I started making candles and wax melts as a hobby. So when the time came to create some fun giveaway prize items for Cambiare, these were at the top of the list.

These candles are soy wax, and all of the scents are from cruelty-free sources.

So what are the scents?

Cirelle is spicy, seductive, and a bit girly. Fiery cinnamon mingles with ripe orange, sugary vanilla, and sultry amber.

Ellian is a mimicry of his scent in the book: Rich black tea forms the base note, with accents of sweet honey and woodsmoke, bolstered by a touch of warm oak.

Adaleth is winter incarnate. The crisp ozone smell of snow and ice, with a whiff of fallen, sleet-soaked leaves.

Ok, I’m sold. How do I get one?

These candles are in limited supply: only 5 of each scent are up for grabs at the moment. (I might make future batches, but that’s still a maybe). Since there are so few, they will only be available as prizes.

Later this summer when the book pre-order goes live, I’ll hold giveaway sweepstakes with candle sets included in the prize package, and the rest of the candles will be available as prizes for my street team.

Street team?

Yep. As the launch date for Cambiare approaches, keep an eye on this blog, my Twitter account, and my mailing list for more info. I’ll be forming a small street team around July that will help promote Cambiare by participating in various challenges for a chance at all sorts of swag, gift cards, and other goodies.

The challenges will include things like retweeting book announcements, posting photos of your ARC (yep, street team members will also receive an ARC copy of Cambiare), or making a local library request for the book.

If you’re interested in more info about the Street Team when it becomes available, please sign up for my mailing list here.

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