5 Ways to Be Your Own Fandom

I often joke that “I’m my own fandom” when it comes to my books, and I’m not lying. Sometimes, these little fannish things can keep the fire alive if I’m burnt out on drafting or revising. If you’re finding yourself feeling uninspired, give one or two of these a shot:

1. Commission Things

This includes just about everything from art to candles and lots in-between. I’ve commissioned custom fragrances and nail polish colors based on my characters. (I recommend Dragonsworn Cosmetics, if you’re looking for either of those things). And for what it’s worth, my villain smells amazing.

Bonus, you’re supporting other creators!

2. Make Music Playlists

I may have gone a teensy bit overboard on this one. My faerie fantasy has 47 playlists.

Spotify, 8tracks, and YouTube are all great places to put together mixes.

(Shameless self-promo: For some suggested tracks and inspiration, check out the Music Monday feature on this blog, where I share writing music every Monday morning.)

3. Create Aesthetics or Fanart

Twitter has a regular Tuesday aesthetic hashtag, #AngstySquares, which posts a weekly theme. Or you can go rogue and just make your own aesthetic boards. Many writers use Canva to make their collages. I prefer InCollage on my phone, but whatever you use, let it inspire you!

Or draw your characters and make your own fanart! If stick figures are more your style, you can still have fun with it; render a dramatic scene in your book using only stick figures wearing funny hats!

4. Make Crafty Things

Do you knit or crochet? Make pixel art with those meltable craft beads? Design jewelry? Quilt? Cook or bake or mix cocktails?

Chances are, you probably have a non-writing creative outlet, and these can always tie back into your novel. Make a scarf with your protagonist’s favorite colors, or bake a new cookie recipe using flavors common in your book’s world. Sew a dress inspired by an outfit in your story. Create a video game avatar based on a character.

Personally, I’ve made jewelry, candles, and tea blends inspired by my stories, and they always bring a smile to my face when I use them.

(I might also have an entire Sims community populated by my book characters…)

5. Write Your Own Fanfiction

You heard me. Go ahead, write that modern coffee-shop AU about your epic fantasy characters. If you have a tragic ending, write the fluffy fix-it-fic. Create a one-shot where your human characters are all cats, or try out crazy ships just for the fun of it. Do that Star Wars crossover, or a zany crackfic where they’re all on a reality TV show.

(Bonus: This can also be a good way to get unstuck when you’re struggling with writer’s block, as it gets the creative juices flowing in another direction.)

So those are the ways I fangirl over my own characters. What non-writing fandommy things do you do with your own story? Let me know in the comments below!

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