5 Tropes You Will Pry From My Cold, Dead Hands

Today’s Friday 5 is more of a short fluff piece: My favorite tropes. I don’t care how many times I see them, I still get giddy every frickin’ time.

1. Masquerades & Ballroom Dancing

I mean, have you seen my website header? If I ever write a story that doesn’t include at least one ballroom scene, it means my life has been taken over by an evil clone from another dimension.

(I entirely blame the movie Labyrinth for this obsession, by the way).

2. Fake Dating

I don’t care how ridiculous or implausible the reason is, give me that “I need you to pretend to be my significant other” scenario and I will gobble it up every time. It’s the same story but it’s my fave story, ok?

“Oh no, however will it end? Will they catch feelings?”

(Yes, yes they will, and it will be glorious.)

3. Only One Bed

Again, I don’t care how far-fetched it is. Camping trip and one tent was eaten by a bear? Literally every other hotel room in the city is booked? Works for me.

But if one of them sleeps on the floor, all bets are off. No bonus points for you. This only counts if they share the bed.

4. Found Families

Nothing will make me sob happy, ugly tears faster than a ragtag group of outcasts forming those ride-or-die bonds and sticking together through thick or thin.

5. The Villain Redemption Arc

One caveat, this one has to be done well for me to get on board, but when it’s executed with skill I absolutely can’t get enough of a solid villain redemption. Especially if it’s a reluctant slide, until one day they look around and go “crap, I’m one of the good guys now?”

We all have them, those tropey, tropey guilty pleasures. What are yours? Share in the comments below!

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