Down the rabbit hole.

Welcome to the launch of my new website! I hope you’ll follow me for the sake of all the whimsical, wonderful words of wisdom I share. (And the alliteration, of course).

So what can you expect from this blog?

As well as the occasional writing craft post, I’ll be sharing all the good, the bad, and the ugly about my own personal writing journey. Hopefully a few of you can avoid the colossal blunders mistakes I have made.

I’ll also blog about what it’s like to manage bipolar disorder while writing. I have rapid-cycling bipolar II, and it is a balancing act to maintain a steady workflow while juggling the anxiety of hypomania and the malaise of depressive states. 

This blog will also have two regular weekly features:

Friday 5:
Each Friday, I’ll post a writing-related list of “5 Things”. From My 5 Greatest Writing Crimes to 5 People Who Should Read Your Manuscript and everything in between.

Music Monday:
I never write without music. Every Monday, I’ll share a favorite gem that has inspired my work.

So why not follow me along this crazy, twisting journey and see where it goes? Click on the button at the right (below if you’re on mobile), or enter your email address to get notifications of new posts.

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